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MGTH Chats: Karen Clarey of Nene & Bop


Renée Baker

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Karen Clarey of Nene & Bop

Thanks to our community partnership with BrisStyle, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the next in our series of MGTH Chats; Karen Clarey Nene & Bop!

If you’re not familiar with Karen of Nene and Bop she creates a range of fashion and accessories including bags, homewares and jewellery, all with a colourful and vibrant flourish.

Watch our casual conversation in the video above, and learn more about Karen’s wonderful journey growing her business.


Nene and Bop Purse
Nene & Bop Handmade Purse
Nene & Bop Glitter Earrings
Nene & Bop Glitter Earrings
Nene & Bop Fabric Planter
Nene & Bop Fabric Planter

With thanks to our community partner BrisStyle

BrisStyle offers an annual membership for Makers. Membership benefits include discounted market stall fees, access to the private Facebook group of super-supportive fellow-creatives, your own business profile on the BrisStyle website, promotional and sales opportunities as well as updates on opportunities as they come up.

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This video does not currently have subtitles however if you require them to enable your viewing experience please let us know

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Renée Baker

With over 13 years working within the maker community of Australia, Renee is well-positioned to provide constructive advice. Renee engineered the social media presence for brands like Koskela, Etsy Australia and the Finders Keepers Market, and as an entrepreneur herself, understands how creative agility and hard work lead to success.


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