Emma Griffin and Nick McGrath of Lil'Stones

Image features Emma Griffin and Nick McGrath of Lil'Stones


MGTH Chats : Lil’Stones


Angela D'Alton

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A Make Good Things Happen content collaboration with Makers and Shakers Markets

For the final instalment in our 2023 content collaboration with the Makers and Shakers market we chatted with Emma Griffin from Melbourne based business Lil’Stones.

Lil’Stones will be participating amongst the throng of over 120 stallholders in the Makers and Shakers markets happening on 11 and 12 of November 2023 at Seaworks Maritime Precinct in Melbourne’s Williamstown.

Lil Stones
Image provided by Lil’Stones

Launching in a little studio on Fitzroy’s cultural hub of Gertrude St 12 years ago, the original business idea began for Lil’Stones as a way to provide artists with a means to complete an artwork on a provided framed stone surface.

Moving to South Melbourne three years later, the duo behind the brand, Emma Griffin and Nick McGrath then moved from paints to prints alongside the advancement in flatbed printing tech.

“Without attempting to challenge this natural bias, our plan for making a small frame was self-serving. Lil’Stones are not here to impress others they’re for self; small grounding stones that feed personal interests, loves and quirks. Owning a totem that speaks to you, catching your eye as the world moves by.”

-Emma Griffin, Lil’Stones

After several years of testing, Nick had an epiphany whilst eating chocolate, flipping it on it’s side and realising the base appeared as a projection providing a ‘face’ to print on. Using that concept, producing in threes was a necessity, as the smallest number of elements required in order to create a pattern.

Lil Stones

Image provided by Lil’Stones

With a product fully conceived, designed and made in Melbourne, Emma and Nick are no strangers to the delights of the city.

I see Melbourne as a well-dressed, well-fed lady with a steely personality. Melbourne doesn’t require an audience, but she can pull one with ease – the theatre, music in gardens, streets, in derelict buildings. Melbourne is never boring, never worried about doing the right thing as long as it’s good.

Lil Stones

Emma Griffin and Nick McGrath of Lil’Stones

No strangers to the unexpected twists of small creative business, Emma likens hosting a party to the effort and emotional investment to what’s required as product designers and business managers.

“We recently had my birthday party in the backyard and I can now use this micro experience as a analogy for product development. It’s the effort, love and consideration that you do to build the base to a good party. However, the rest is pure luck – weather, people’s moods, timing and the magic; that’s the bit you have little control over. As product designers you can have a great idea, that just misses if the market timing is out of sync.”

-Emma of Lil’Stones

With a product that presents as a self-proclaimed “collaboration in waiting”, Emma as an introvert finds participating in markets challenging, but an integral part of the development of the business.

Testing ideas, watching people engage with your product, watching them join-the-dots from vague interest to purchase, Emma says communication with customers is vital.

“Markets provide a dense experience with so much information and learnings to gather during the product development stages”.

-Emma, Lil’Stones

Lil’Stones brings their unique Melbourne designed product to the Makers and Shakers Melbourne event, on 11th and 12th November 2023 at the Seaworks Maritime Precinct in Williamstown.

Melbourne Makers and Shakers Markets Seaworks Williamstown


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This MGTH Chat is brought to you by our content collaboration with Makers and Shakers Markets

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