8 things makers in business can do to prevent overwhelm


Renée Baker

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How can we prevent overwhelm in business?

We have conversations with makers in business daily. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do. ⁠ It also means that we hear first-hand what makers are going through.⁠

One thing we’ve learnt is that feeling overwhelmed is quite common.⁠

It’s not a surprise really, between running a business, (and often a family), managing self-care and maintaining creativity, doing all-the-things can be tough!

We recently shared an Instagram post featuring some signs of overwhelm that we’ve recognised in makers. Given how much it resonated with you, we’re sending lots of love your way.

So what are the common signs of overwhelm for creatives and makers?

📝 A to-do list that feels impossible⁠
🏁 Starting a task and not being able to finish it⁠
🎨 Making no longer feels like fun⁠
☕️ Feeling guilty when you take time off⁠
😒 A change in mood and personality⁠
🥉 Nothing seems good enough⁠

So what are the common signs of overwhelm for creatives and makers?

Remember, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for some advice to prevent overwhelm, here are some of the things we find help makers (and us!).

1. Take regular breaks

The number one thing that seems to prevent overwhelm is having regular breaks.  Whilst it feels counterintuitive it’s actually the only thing you can do.

2. Create a dedicated workspace

If you have the space, find a way to create a working zone.  It is an important part of the psychological segmentation of your business and helps prevent overwhelm.

3. Review your goals

If things are not working out the way you wanted it to, check-in.  Review the goals, review the way you work, and create a fresh framework.

4. Return to the ‘why’

Sometimes remembering why you decided to start your own business can help bring a new perspective.  If you’re still not feeling it, then consider what might need to change.

5. Know that there are Pros and Cons to running your own business

 Accepting that the business will have ebbs and flows and not taking it as a personal failure is a really important thing to keep in mind.

6. Schedule proper time off to prevent overwhelm

One of the key ways to prevent overwhelm is to make sure you schedule a solid chunk of time off each year. Switch off. Go OTG. Trust us, all your customers won’t disappear overnight. Your business will still exist when you return.  

7. Express how you feel to your community

Goodies at Make Good Things Happen regularly share with us what they are feeling in our Member Hangouts and Live Q&As. This helps them feel less alone in business.

8. Remember, perfection is not the goal

It’s better to be done than perfect. We are all human. We are all learning.  Provided we own our mistakes and take accountability and most importantly LEARN from them, then we’re doing fine.

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If you’re not coping please ask for help. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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Renee Baker

Renée Baker

With over 13 years working within the maker community of Australia, Renee is well-positioned to provide constructive advice. Renee engineered the social media presence for brands like Koskela, Etsy Australia and the Finders Keepers Market, and as an entrepreneur herself, understands how creative agility and hard work lead to success.


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8 things makers in business can do to prevent overwhelm
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