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Bevan Blackshaw


MGTH Chats: Bevan Blackshaw of Timber Dimensions


Angela and Renée

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Bevan Blackshaw of Timber Dimensions

Thanks to our community partnership with BrisStyle, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the next in our series of MGTH Chats; Bevan Blackshaw of Timber Dimensions!

Timber Dimensions is a hand crafted wooden-based product treasure trove, where Bevan turns a massive variety of timbers into a range of items from cutlery and chopsticks to jewellery and bottle openers. Even furniture!

Watch our casual conversation in the video above, and learn more about Bevan’s passion for recycling timber, mending and the circular economy!

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With thanks to our community partner BrisStyle

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This video does not currently have subtitles however if you require them to enable your viewing experience please let us know

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