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After our recent chat with Nat from Pinky and Kamal, we’ve been hearing the question “so what makes a really great email marketing newsletter?”

We hear you! I subscribe to hundreds of newsletters from the Australian maker and creative community, and I would be delighted to share with you some of my favourites.

Below I share email marketing examples from four Australian businesses, Simétrie, Milligram, Kuwaii and of course Pinky and Kamal, so that you too can be inspired to hit send on that next campaign!


Simétrie is a Melbourne-based label creating timeless and sustainable natural leather goods. With handbags handcrafted in Melbourne by local craftswomen, Simétrie provide fair pay in exchange for skilled craftsmanship.

One of the variety of ways that Simétrie utilises email marketing is by telling a story. During a marketing campaign, you’ll see one product as the single thread across their social media channels, via email and website homepage marketing, with each of the formats highlighting key messages in single, easy-to-digest chunks.

Brands with multiple products can easily to fall into the trap of wanting to promote them all at once, all of the time. What I love about Simétrie’s marketing is the focus. In the pictured example, their lavender products receive the appropriate spotlight, with details shared with readers about the inspiration, range and styling suggestions to complement the product promos. If, for example, I’m not into lavender, it’s still easy enough for me to shop the entire collection and find something I do love.

The formatting is also super simple, always identifiably on-brand and interesting to read.

Subscribe to Simétrie’s newsletter here.

Really great email marketing by Simetrie
Really great email marketing by Simetrie

Image features newsletter examples from Simétrie shared with permission. Click the images to expand.


Lead by a passion for design, stylish stationery and the finer things in life, friends Scott Druce and Matt Harris launched NoteMaker, which later became Milligram, in October 2007.

Milligram specialise in stationery for lovers of high quality art and design, featuring products like pretty pens, practical notebooks, to-die-for diaries, and even homewares, often collaborating with Australian artists to produce original designs.

Subscribers to the email from this iconic Melbourne label will be no stranger to their well-curated marketing campaigns. The team do an excellent job of highlighting product offerings under a particular theme, telling a story with engaging and stylised studio photography.

Another way Milligram deftly utilises the direct connection of email is by means of sending updates focusing on a specific key message, for example, the variety of ways you can shop with Milligram, especially relevant during recent (and pending) lockdowns.

Milligram also cleverly incentivise sign-ups by providing a 10% discount for your first order! Subscribe here.

Really great email marketing by Milligram
Really great email marketing by Milligram

Image features newsletter examples from Milligram shared with permission. Click the images to expand.

‘Bullet journal’ is a trademark of Ryder Carroll. Read more of their work at


Established in 2008 by designer Kristy Barber, Kuwaii is duly esteemed for producing intelligently designed clothing and footwear for women. Made in Australia, Melbourne to be precise, each article is meticulously designed to last, and to be cherished.

Kuwaii makes for a great email marketing example as I often find myself literally gasping when one of their campaigns hits my inbox. Classic and effortless, just like their clothing and footwear, the newsletters employ clean design, on-brand colours, and editorialised key messaging, enticing readers to click for more.

Newsletter campaigns from Kuwaii are a mix between whole collection reveals with “solus” single message sends which keep readers engaged without feeling “spammed”. Campaigns are product heavy and informative, which works within the high-fashion context. Kuwaii backs up their brand values with a carefully constructed “Behind the Brand” hub on their website, which complements the short and sharp campaign style on email and social.

If you’re in love with this brand as much as I am, sign-up for more of this goodness, plus 10% off your first order.

Email marketing by Kuwaii
Email marketing by Kuwaii

Image features newsletter examples from Kuwaii shared with permission. Click the images to expand.

Pinky and Kamal

Pinky and Kamal is an Australian-based natural, sustainable movement wear and lifestyle label, with products hand-made and hand-dyed in Bali, Indonesia. Designed for women who enjoy moving freely and living simply while staying comfortable.

Since you’ve already watched this video, you already know that I get super excited every time a Pinky and Kamal email drops, but allow me to tell you why. In a similar style to Milligram, Pinky and Kamal do a really great job of highlighting the benefits of their products, and pepper a nice amount of educational and informative on-brand content alongside promotional messaging.

We often discuss how to find the balance between product promotions with content marketing, and believe Pinky and Kamal have found exactly that.

email marketing by Pinky and Kamal
Email marketing by Pinky and Kamal

Image features newsletter examples from Pinky and Kamal shared with permission. Click the images to expand.

We hope these examples prompt you to start thinking about your next (or first) newsletter email marketing campaign. You don’t need to make it complicated, just remember to test what you do send, and of course check the results!

If you’re looking for practical advice as to how to get started with your own email marketing, join Make Good Things Happen as a Honeyeater or a Rosella today to access our Maker Session on Email Marketing for Makers!

Finally, this wouldn’t be a blog post about email marketing without a little nudge from us to sign up to our own list, so pop your email address in the box over there in the sidebar and you’ll hear from us soon!

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