Becca and Jess of Mustard Made with their colourful lockers

Becca and Jess of Mustard Made


What it’s really like working with your sister with Becca Stern of Mustard Made


Angela and Renée

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MGTH Chats with Becca Stern of Mustard Made

In May of 2022 (yes, we’ve been that busy), we chatted with the delightful Becca of Mustard Made about business, partnerships, going from handmade to manufacturing, stockists and what it’s actually like working with your sister.

Becca and her sister, Jess, have built a worldwide phenomenon in colourful storage through their business Mustard Made, have been nominated for dozens of awards and are still willing to give some thoughtful advice to others during the heights of their success.

We first met Bec at a Finders Keepers market whilst she was managing her business House of Bec, and having the chance to catch up and chat was just wonderful, especially having that connection on what we now know was the tail end of the global pandemic.

We hope you enjoy this chat with Becca as much as we did. There’s some absolute gems!

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Mustard Made Lockers

Images from Mustard Made website used with permission

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Jess and Becca of Mustard Made chat to MGTH
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