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MGTH Chats : Rosie of Know the Rose


Angela D'Alton

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A Make Good Things Happen content collaboration with Makers and Shakers Markets

As part of our content collaboration with Makers and Shakers market we chatted with Rosie of Sydney-based dried native bouquet business, Know the Rose.

Know the Rose appears as one of 120 stallholders at the upcoming Makers and Shakers markets in September 2023 at the White Bay Cruise Terminal in Sydney’s Rozelle.

Rosie Browning of Know the Rose
Rosie Browning of Know the Rose

Whilst working as, what some would call a “dream job” as a graphic designer for a fashion brand, Rosie couldn’t ignore the little girl inside with a fondness for styling her parents’ antique store, and decided to make the break and follow her passion.

Additionally, growing up in Sydney’s Northern Beaches gave Rosie a sense of gratitude for nature, with national parks and beaches on her doorstep, a notion that no doubt informs her interest in the natural preservation of native flora.

As a result, nature, sustainability and being creative with her hands is at the core of Rosie’s business purpose. After experimenting with native flowers and establishing her own simple and sustainable drying process, she found her niche.

“I’m passionate about intertwining elements of nature with interior spaces and harmoniously uniting the outdoors and indoors, to style a home that celebrates the beauty of the natural world.”

-Rosie Browning, Know the Rose

Rosie knew there was an opportunity to create a point of difference with her methods after identifying widespread use of chemical preservation techniques that other dried floral businesses employed.

Know the Rose flowers undergo a sustainable air drying process that ensures the integrity of the flower is maintained without harm to the environment, rooted in principles of authenticity and an unwavering dedication to nature itself.

Rosie has discovered using social media platform TikTok is a helpful tool in the promotion of her business; providing her the ability to engage with an interested audience to drive sales, and has proved to be a “game changer” for her small business.

“My advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to remain open-minded, adaptable, and proactive when it comes to exploring new avenues of exposure”

-Rosie Browning, Know the Rose
Know the Rose Everlasting Mini Posies

Everlasting Mini Posies are Know the Rose most popular item

The importance of market participation is not lost on Rosie either, playing a pivotal role when it comes to having an interactive space for shoppers to engage with her range of flowers.

Taking merchandising to the next level, Rosie styles her range with a variety of antique treasures and customers can immerse themselves in the essence of her brand. Not only that, she can engage in conversations with her customers and form a rapport where digital interactions can’t. Suggestions from shoppers can motivate Rosie to explore new arrangements and styles.

“Engaging with customers provides a first-hand understanding of their preferences and ideas, which always ignites inspiration that guides our product development journey.”

-Rosie Browning
Rosie Browning of Know The Rose

Rosie Browning of Know the Rose

When participating in the Makers and Shakers Markets, Rosie appreciates the joy of face-to-face conversations with the shopping community as well as the chats made with other makers and small businesses involved.

The exchange of experiences, sharing insights and celebrating each others creativity cultivates a sense of camaraderie for Rosie, within the support network of a vibrant marketplace.

“The curated selection of creators at the Makers and Shakers market not only fosters an inspiring environment but also ensures that visitors are treated to a diverse array of high-quality products that celebrate creativity.”

Rosie Browning, Know the Rose

Experience Know the Rose’s mixture of sustainably dried native arrangements at the Makers and Shakers Sydney event, on 16th and 17th September 2023 at the White Bay Cruise Terminal in Rozelle.

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Makers and Shakers Market website
Makers and Shakers Market Instagram

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This MGTH Chat is brought to you by our content collaboration with Makers and Shakers Markets

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