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We’ve been working hard on this thing, you see.

The Makers in Business Online Symposium.

Our version of a ‘virtual summit’ and the thing that we’ve been dreaming and thinking about 24/7 for the last year.

We’re very excited to host this event. Featuring panels, presentations and conversations with over 30 industry experts on everything from wholesale to markets, social media to branding, activism to creativity.

There’s a whole lot more than that too.

Virtual Goodie Bags full of offers and discounts, a Facebook group to chat with the community between sessions, and the ability to replay sessions after the day, just in case you missed one or maybe you want to replay the day as your background podcast while you’re making things.

Wattle tickets are just $99 for two full days of 100% online, comfort of your own home education and entertainment, with 1 month of replay access.

If you’re interested in bonus Green Room content, Waratah admission is $129, and includes 6 months of access to replay all videos in your own time.

For more information have a read through the incredible program below.

If you’re keen to join us, you can register here.

Times shown are AEST (Sydney / Melbourne time)

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Day One – Friday 5th August

Keynote presentation by Jo Walker
The rise of makership as business and the importance to culture

Jo Walker, Content Strategist and ex-editor of Frankie Magazine provides us with the Keynote presentation for the Makers in Business Online Symposium.

Jo will share her experiences as editor of Frankie magazine during the installation of Etsy into counter then mainstream culture, markets as something that began as craft and moved into design and the joy the maker community brings. Jo examines maker culture, and what she identifies makes this industry special, important and vital.

10:15am Friday 5th August

Panel: Maintaining Creativity
Hosted by Rachel Burke featuring Pete Cromer, Shuh Lee and Heidi Helyard

Join host Rachel Burke of @imakestagram acclaim, and industry professionals Pete Cromer, Shuh Lee (shuh.) and Heidi Helyard as they partake in a lively chat about creativity, finding inspiration when it’s difficult, maintaining creativity when times are hard, what to do if you’re in a rut but you’ve got a client deadline looming, and how you find your signature creatively.

11am Friday 5th August

Panel: Social Media and Personal Boundaries
Hosted by Renee Baker featuring Waan Pivasiri, Kirsten Devitt and Amy Clarke

Social Media Expert and Content Creator Renee Baker (Make Good Things Happen) is joined on this live panel by Waan Pivasiri (You, Me & Bones), Kirsten Devitt (each to own) and Amy Clarke (Confetti Rebels) about how they use social media in its various forms (Instagram and yes, even TikTok), adapting to algorithm changes, the benefits of social media and how you know what’s business and what’s personal and how you make those choices when sharing content.

12.15pm Friday 5th August

Panel: Branding for Makers
Hosted by Tess McCabe featuring Lauren Hassett, Ashley Dyer and Sarah Stanford

Branding and graphic design expert Tess McCabe (Creative Minds) hosts this live panel featuring Lauren Hassett (Middle Child), Ashley Dyer (Uncle Phuncle) and Sarah Stanford (Novelise). Expecting a refreshing and vigorous conversation about all things “brand”. From creating a brand, determining brand values, visual identity, written communications and how to ensure cohesion in brand expression for trust with customers.

1.30pm Friday 5th August

Presentation: Submitting Your Work to Media
Presented by Emma Do and Shannon Jenkins of frankie Strictly Business

So you’ve made a thing and you want people to know about it. Shannon Jenkins, editor of frankie’s Strictly Business, and Emma Do, editor of frankie magazine, will share why pitching your work to the media is super-valuable. You’ll learn how to get your name and products in front of editors (and their respective audiences), plus, what to do once you’ve gotten their attention. Shannon and Emma will offer advice on everything from crafting the perfect pitch email to putting together a media kit.

2.45pm Friday 5th August

Panel: Sustainability and Ethics in Design
Hosted by Renee Baker featuring Jeff McCann, Liane Rossler and Emily Wright

Are you worried about ‘making’ stuff that adds to the waste we leave behind? Join Renee Baker (Make Good Things Happen) as she discusses this and more with Jeff McCann, Liane Rossler (superlocalstudio) and Emily Wright (Nancybird). They’ll chat about using recycled materials, sourcing local production, ethical philosophies in business, designing for sustainability and what brand values in business mean for the long term.

4pm Friday 5th August

Day Two – Saturday 6th August

In Conversation: Angela D’Alton talks to Christina Kelly of Made590 about Wholesale and Retail

Have you ever wondered the best way to approach retailers so you don’t annoy them? Find out how to be the kind of maker that retailers love in this one on one live chat between Angela D’Alton (Make Good Things Happen) and Christina Kelly (made590). Expect some deep deliberation over digital versus traditional means of engagement, trade fairs, being prepared and how to maintain the relationship with your stockists for long-term business success.

10:15am Saturday 6th August

Panel: The Art of Asking : Grants for Makers
Hosted by Renee Baker featuring Dr. Mikala Tai and Lisa Cahill

Ever wondered if there is government funding to support those big ideas you have as a maker? Join Renee Baker (Make Good Things Happen) as she chats with Dr. Mikala Tai, Head of Visual Arts at Australia Council for the Arts and Lisa Cahill of the Australian Design Centre about what grants are available to the artists, designers and makers of the community, and what reviewers are looking for in applications.

11.30am Saturday 6th August

Presentation and Q&A: Product Photography from go to woah using your phone by Rachel Kimberley

These days you can essentially run your entire business through your hand computer, sorry, “phone”. Expert product photographer Rachel Kimberley takes us through step by step instructions on how you can set up, capture and produce a photo shoot using just your phone and a couple of affordable applications. Rachel will provide a Q&A session where you can get some advice directly.

12.45pm Saturday 6th August

Panel : Artistic Activism
Hosted by Amy Clarke featuring Jess Harwood and Kara Cooper

Creative people are such a passionate bunch, and that extends to our belief systems, philosophies and politics. Using the business you’ve built from a creative launchpad to advocate for a better world is no mean feat. Amy Clarke (Confetti Rebels) will discuss utilising your art for activism with Jess Harwood (Artist) and Kara Cooper (Mount Vic and Me) and why it’s worth trying to make a difference using the channels you have.

2pm Saturday 6th August

Panel: What are market curators looking for?
Hosted by Angela D’Alton featuring Belinda Harris, Emma Morris and Erin Madeley

Makers all know the stallholder criteria when they’re applying for a market, but do they know what goes on in the mind of curators? Find out more about the small measures you can take that have a big impact on your applications when Angela D’Alton (Make Good Things Happen) has a considered conversation broadcast live with Belinda Harris (BrisStyle Inc.), Emma Morris (Makers & Shakers, Slow Fashion Markets) and Erin Madeley (Perth Makers Market, Perth Upmarket).

3.15pm Saturday 6th August

Green Room – Access for Waratah Ticket Holders Only

In conversation: Mental Wellbeing and Creativity
with Renee Baker and Aimee Davies of Hey Mate

Creative minds tend to be on the sensitive side. With that inextricable link also comes a proclivity for struggles with mental health and the potential for emotional burnout. Renee Baker (Make Good Things Happen) chats with Aimee Davies of The Hey Mate Project about maintaining your mental wellbeing as a creative person, managing your health to prevent burnout and where to seek help when you need it.

CW: This session will discuss sensitive mental health topics.

Panel : Cultural Respect
Hosted by Maryann Talia Pau featuring Troy Casey and Amanda Hayman

Community leaders Maryann Talia Pau (One Billion Stars), Troy Casey and Amanda Hayman (Blaklash Creative and Magpie Goose) share their ideas on how the maker community can provide appropriate respect for Pasifika and First Nations cultures. Learn how you can prevent performative allyship, how important real licensing is for Indigenous communities, what is considered cultural appropriation, avoiding tokenism and how Indigenous, First Nations and Pasifika culture is represented in the maker community.

Presentation: Growth Graphics for Makers
by Tabitha Emma

If you think video and photos are the only type of content Makers can create, this lesson will open your eyes to how Makers can use graphics to grow on social.

Stay active and consistent on social media by creating effective growth graphics.

Find reinvigoration, motivation and inspiration in this premiere online educational event. A must-do for all Australian makers in business.
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