LIVE Event: 23rd March 2022
Put your Best Foot Forward: Applying for design markets
Tired of not making it into design markets?

Angela and Renee have had more than their fair share of experience at design markets.

Learn how to craft your market application from experts.

Put your best foot forward for this upcoming season of design market applications!
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Insider hints and tips

Angela and Renee have hosted their own market stalls, both actually worked at Finders Keepers Markets and have a strong understanding of what it takes to get that stall application over the line.

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Learn how to craft your market application and get noticed by curators.
We worked at the Finders Keepers
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We have extensive experience in curating and applying for design markets.

We participated in many together as sellers and makers. Having both worked at the Finders Keepers for a collective 7 years, means we are across all aspects of the markets, from the application and curation process through to the event management side.

As mentors to makers, one of the biggest heartaches we hear about is rejection to design markets.

Join the many makers who’ve turned things around with a successful application after putting our advice into practice!
Webinar Teachers Renee Baker and Angela D'Alton
Webinar: Put your Best Foot Forward: Applying for design markets
Presented by Angela and Renee, this 60 min webinar will cover how to craft your market application to give you the optimum chance of being accepted.

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What’s covered?

  • Answering the application questions clearly
  • Effectively writing about yourself and what you do
  • Choosing language that accurately reflects your brand
  • Ensuring cohesion between your application text and your chosen images
  • Choosing the best range of images to boost your application
  • Stall mock-ups and communicating your designs
  • Revision of your online presence for consistency and structure across platforms
  • Handling acceptance into the markets and appropriately dealing with rejection

This webinar is no longer available.

However!  Honeyeater members of Make Good Things Happen get access to this webinar plus over 30 more as part of your monthly subscription.  Why not get started?  Click here to join. 

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