29th March 2023
Product Pricing for Makers
As mentors working with makers in business since 2016, one of the most common mistakes we see at Make Good Things Happen is that of “product pricing to please”.

Many makers launch a business and base the product pricing on “what people would be willing to pay” or “what you see other people charging”, but it’s super important to consider whether you’ve set yourself up with a pricing structure that is financially sustainable in the long term.
Pricing Products for Makers featuring Angela and Renee
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Are you a maker in business or do you just have a really expensive hobby?

In the rush to start a business, after receiving all of those compliments about your products from family and friends, have you neglected to fully research and create a viable product pricing structure?

To ensure you can keep doing what you love through your own small maker business, setting the right prices that take into account your business expenses, and of course paying yourself, is an essential step to business longevity.

What you’ll learn:

After attending this maker session you’ll have a much clearer understanding of how to avoid the common mistakes we see from makers in business, and how to create, and importantly how to maintain, a pricing structure that supports your long term goals, and a business that might even make you money!

Attendees joining live will have the opportunity to interact via a 10 minute Q&A where Angela and Renee will answer any questions you have that are specific to your needs.
Why Make Good Things Happen?
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Angela and Renee have been mentors to the maker community in an official capacity since 2016 (and unofficially for the last 15 years). They talk to makers every day, manage their own small business and have a strong grip on selling handmade products, from price points to selling.

We’re 100% online so it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, you can access our high-value education from any device with internet access.

For just $39 you can secure yourself a ticket to this Maker Session, 60 minutes of learning and interactive Q&A with Angela and Renee.
Pricing Products for Makers featuring Angela and Renee

An online live event

Product Pricing for Makers
In this 60 minute maker session, join Renee and Angela as they discuss the common mistakes they encounter when makers set up their businesses, how to avoid them, and the real nitty-gritty of setting up a pricing structure that supports your long-term goals, for income and creativity.

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  • Tickets to this live session are no longer available. Join MGTH Honeyeater to watch a recording of the session.

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