Thurs 13th July 2023
Applying for makers markets
Tired of not making it into the markets of your choosing?

Angela and Renee have had more than their fair share of experience at makers markets.

Learn how to craft your market application from experts.

Put your best foot forward for this upcoming season of market applications!
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Insider hints and tips

Angela and Renée have supported dozens of makers that have experienced market rejection and turned their applications into the kind curators can’t say no to.

Create a stallholder application that

Learn how to craft your market application and get noticed by curators.
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As mentors to makers, one of the biggest heartaches we hear about is rejection to markets.

We have extensive experience in markets from applying, to curation, to participation and managing a successful stall.

Join the many makers who’ve turned things around with a successful application after putting our advice into practice!
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An online live event

Maker Session: Applying for makers markets
Presented by Angela and Renee, this 60 min webinar will cover how to craft your market application to give you the optimum chance of being accepted.

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