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With our easy-to-use calculator, you’ll be able to manage the marketing budget for your business with clarity and confidence.


“You’ve got to spend money to make money.” Yeah, okay sure, we’ve all heard it, but what does that mean? What should we be spending our money on and how do I know how to manage it with everything else I have to do as a maker in business?

Efficient and timely management of your marketing budget ensures that your campaigns are consistent and most importantly, effective by reviewing the data.

If you have goals to grow your business, with brand awareness or sales, a well-managed marketing budget is going to increase your chances of success and put you in control of your campaigns.

We’ve made it oh-so-much easier for you to build, budget and compile your own marketing spend with our customisable Google Sheets calculator (okay it’s a spreadsheet but don’t tell anyone).

Calculate your budget and track your actual spend. Use the handy charts to review your year at a glance and make sure you’re on track. There are suggested categories for spending and room to add your own. Did we mention it’s pretty?

All Make Good Things Happen downloadables have been carefully crafted and made with Australian makers in mind.

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