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A brand new educational resource

Make Good Things Happen is now open, the new subscription-based online educational resource for Australian independent art and design businesses.

You're not alone

We know the challenges you experience as a maker-business owner. After working directly with hundreds of Australian makers over more than 10 years, we understand the demands of being a small business manager.

The mission of Make Good Things Happen is to provide support to the maker community with timely, relevant and useful business advice in a simple, easy-to-use and gorgeous platform.

Monthly live Q&A with Angela and Renée
Meet online with the mentors of D’Alton Baker Productions for one hour each month to get the answers you’re looking for.

*This feature is available to Honeyeater and Rosella memberships

Angela D'Alton
Renee Baker
Wren Illustration
Shuh Finders Keepers Natalie Jeffcott
Image features Shuh at Finders Keepers captured by Natalie Jeffcott
A library of resources, created by experts

Memberships to Make Good Things Happen provide instant access to a range of educational resources specifically designed for Australian makers.

Regular updates to stay on track

Jam-packed newsletters with relevant and timely information based on what’s happening in the maker community of Australia.

You’ll never miss an opportunity again, think market application dates and practical prompts for when you’re feeling rudderless. 

Make Good Things Happen Member Newsletter
Choose your own adventure

Join Make Good Things Happen by choosing your monthly membership.

The Wren

$ 9 Monthly
  • Facebook group access
  • Regular newsletter updates
  • Access to bonus content
  • ... and more to come!

The Honeyeater

$ 29 Monthly
  • Facebook group access
  • Regular newsletter updates
  • Monthly live Q&A
  • Access to ALL Maker Sessions and Bite Sized videos
  • Access to ALL templates
  • Voting on future content
  • ... and more to come!


$ 49 Monthly
  • All privileges from the The Honeyeater Membership
  • Exclusive and customised mentor support via Email Help Desk
  • Access to ALL courses —
    coming soon!
  • ... and more to come!

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