What I read this month : March 2022


Angela D'Alton

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My birthday month meant more book deliveries and more book vouchers, and a to be read pile that currently sits close to 50 books.  Not a complaint. Not remotely.

I’m working my way through however, and enjoyed the following titles this month.  Less driving meant less audiobook time, so these were all delicious paperback goodness.

Here is what I read in March 2022.

Love and Other Puzzles by Kimberley Allsopp

Love and Other Puzzles by Kimberley Allsopp Book Cover

An easy to read, solid debut, however I found it a bit light on and somewhat contrived.  A rom-com full of rom-com references make it kind of clever but overall the story lacked a sense of originality, even with that premise. 

I wanted to like this more. I do believe however that this writer has serious potential.

Cherry Beach by Laura McPhee-Browne

Cherry Beach by Laura McPhee-Browne Book Cover

Tender, poignant and delicately told story of Ness and Hetty. Childhood friends from Melbourne, Hetty has a shadowy past that foretells a darker future.

The line between friendships and romantic love, familial love, youth and self-expression all interesting themes thoughtfully explored.

This was a moving and memorable story rich with insight.

The Furies by Mandy Beaumont

The Furies by Mandy Beaumont Book Cover

Brutal, unrelenting, dark. This story is full of pain and sadness and harsh forces. Based around the time of a horrific family tragedy for our flame haired protagonist Cynthia, she feeds her grief into anger and strength to join “the furies”.

These are the souls of wronged, abused, tortured and murdered women at the hands of men. She rises to start a philosophical feminist revolution. Set in the eerie stage of a remote rural Queensland abattoir. Written with strength but often an uncomfortable read.

Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth Book Cover

The melancholy story of Jenny, the daughter of an actor-turned-psychic, ex-girlfriend of Art the semi famous photographer, serendipitous friend to Kelly and mates with Nicolette, her kindred.

Poignant look at a post Instagram life tinged with feminist anxiety, social pressure and the increasing duties of adulthood as mid-life approaches. Sometimes disjointed and difficult to follow but some super keen observations on life where digital etiquette meets obligations of reality.

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