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April was very busy at Make Good Things Happen!  We had the joy of hosting an interesting and informative panel at the BrisStyle Create and Connect Conference at The Lussh in Woolongabba, and the mini breaks afforded by Easter and Anzac Day.

I did a little bit of travel!  Obviously to Brisbane, as above, but also to Melbourne to see the big city for the first time in a long time.  Even given that, I still managed to read 4 books in April, and there were some crackers.

We were also working hard behind the scenes to launch our very first Maker Fundamentals Course which we’re so excited for, all about Design Market Applications.

Here’s my April reading reviews for you to enjoy. 

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

I confess, this is the first murder mystery genre book I’ve ever read and I really enjoyed it!

Such a compelling tale, the backdrop of Parisian streets, moody characters with shady pasts, cleverly constructed and adeptly written.

The story unfolds via several first person vignettes, non chronologically and still somehow skilfully straightforward in its telling.

You can imagine this being made into a clever and enjoyable film.

The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld

Whilst I enjoy Evie Wild’s mysterious and dark storytelling, this was a tough read for a few reasons.

Three stories set in different times, one in first person, some characters in common and a very complex range of people meant it was hard to keep up. As good as this is it’s a little too clever and much too violent for me to ‘enjoy’.

The intricacies don’t serve the story and ultimately I don’t feel like the story earned anything. The conclusion is vague and the “4th story” only muddied things.

The Way From Here by Jane Cockram

Evocative and mysterious, this is a tale of family secrets. Centred around sisters Camilla and Susie after Susie’s untimely death.

Camilla is tasked with a global trip to uncover the truth whilst fulfilling the duties of Susie’s last wishes and scattering her ashes.

A little complicated in parts due to the revelation of the narrative not in chronological order, but creates more interest and movement forwards as a result.

Below Deck by Sophie Hardcastle

This is an exceptional novel by a talented writer who deftly handles difficult subjects.

Poetry in prose. Full of natural beauty and horrific cruelty, life is depicted with raw honesty and the fresh pain and vulnerability of trauma.

Themes and imagery laced through the story tie the narrative together with a delicate echo.

Feminist strength and Mother Nature loom large. Survival. Women. Love. Pain. This is powerful and emotive, a story that will stay with me.

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