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Whilst Renee is contributing to the cultural side of Make Good Things Happen with her 12 galleries in 12 months, I’ve decided I’m going to let you know what I’ve been reading each month.  This combines two of my favourite things. 

Reading and writing!

In January 2022, I read 5 books.  That’s slightly more than my usual because, well, summer. 

Summer in Apollo Bay (Gadabanud Country) means I have little to no signal available with which to stream internet content. I avoid the village because the local population goes from around 1800 to 25000.  Plus there’s this pandemic thing that meant people and movement was risky.

So here’s a little review of each of the books I read in January 2022, and I look forward to sharing more with you all through the year!

Devotion by Hannah Kent

With a truly unexpected twist half way through reading, I was a little anxious and uncertain as to where the story would go. This however is a book of true beauty; of nature and love.

Hannah Kent’s original, raw, compelling story is breathtakingly poetic. I adored this book and couldn’t put it down.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

A tale of the many women in the life of a male narrator via the framework of the Dutch House. From his beloved sister Maeve to estranged and maligned Mother Elna. There’s his hated stepmother Andrea and step sister Norma. His wife Celeste and daughter May. Then there’s the Dutch House staff Jocelyn, Sandy and Fluffy.

This drama / comedy blend of family dysfunction and socio-economic struggle is an enjoyable read.

The Hush by Sara Foster

A little outside of my usual reading genre, this feminist dystopian thriller was a compelling page turner.

A post-pandemic London of the not-too-distant future faces the threat of neo-conservatism. The rebellion of the stillbirth conspirators fought by motherhood in all its forms. Brilliantly escalates to a satisfying conclusion.

A great read full of relatable characters in a believable struggle.

There Was Still Love by Favel Parrett

A wonderfully written heartfelt tale of a Czech family divided by war and politics across generations.

Set in Prague and Melbourne, this Australian novella is almost poetry. It’s left me a little speechless with it’s restrained beauty.

Love and Virtue by Diana Reid

Almost too close to reality but still definitely fiction.

Debut by a young Australian author that delves into the themes of consent, appropriateness of relationships, but unfortunately works in the low-hanging fruit of the “Sexy Philosophy Professor” that a young student also seems to have a crush on. 

Easy to read but somewhat cliche, the interesting part of the book addresses the dynamics of new female friendships and trust.

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