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Tess McCabe


How finding your community can inspire you to be a better artist


Angela and Renée

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Tess McCabe knew she wanted to be a graphic designer from an early age.

You want to make Tess smile? Show her a well-designed book, a website that’s easy to navigate, or a clever logo.

Tess’ passion is helping people achieve their business goals through smart and good-looking design. Clients enjoy working with Tess not only for her creative, clear and concept-driven design work but for her reliability, efficiency, critical-thinking skills and friendly demeanour. She brings her left and right brain to every project.

More recently Tess has created a hub of inspiration for business owners who rely on creativity to make a living.

Creative Minds exists to provide practical advice and oodles of inspiration for creative business owners.

Feeling overwhelmed by the organisational, financial and marketing side of her creative business, Tess started looking for ways to minimise the burden of administrative tasks so she could get back to doing the creative work she loved.

Tess founded Creative Minds when she saw an opportunity to create high-quality books and resources for creatives like herself: people who want to do meaningful work without administrative overload.

The Branding for Makers panel at the Makers in Business Online Symposium features Tess as host, chatting with Lauren Hassett of Middle Child, Ashley Dyer of Uncle Phuncle and Sarah Stanford of Novelise about all things brand.

Did we mention she’s also an author? Tess is a powerhouse of creative output and channelled that into Graphic Design Speak, a way for those who aren’t familiar with the jargon of the design world to be able to work with a professional with the empowerment of the language.

Watch the video to learn more as Angela and Renee chat with Tess about all things design, working as a creative and the importance of meeting like-minded people.

NB: Some text above has been adapted from Tess’ website. Closed captions on the video have been automatically generated.

Find more resources at Creatives Minds HQ

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How finding your community can inspire you to be a better artist with tess Mccabe
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