Panel Host, In Conversation

Panel Host, In Conversation

LIVE Q&A : Angela D'Alton talks to Christina Kelly of Made590 about Wholesale and Retail

Angela D’Alton


Make Good Things Happen

Gadubanud Country, Apollo Bay, VIC

Angela D’Alton is one of the founding partners of Make Good Things Happen, and provides business services to makers at D’Alton Baker Productions.

As the result of a multidisciplinary career spanning over 35 years, Angela has an unrivaled combination of wisdom and business experience.  As a community leader, Angela’s prudent assessments have revolutionised processes for a variety of small businesses, from crafting copy that sells to streamlining systems and technology that affords ongoing evolution.

Angela’s silent superpower is being able to write searingly appropriate communications in a tight time frame and troubleshooting tricky technical issues. 

Angela’s skill set includes empathetic communications, media and marketing, websites and e-commerce, copywriting, customer service, information technology, systems and infrastructure and beyond. 

5th & 6th August 2022

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